About the NutraWiki

Over the past decade alone, tens of millions of people have experienced the empowering benefits of having free and open access to online information platforms such as, the ever popular Wikipedia site, to expand their understanding of and to better connect with the world. Now our world can take another step forward with the availability of a next-generation, online encyclopedia that will help us navigate our way into a healthier and more environmentally friendly future.

The answer is NutraWiki.org, a unique site dedicated to all things Natural and Organic and designed specifically, to educate and inspire consumers everywhere about the natural ingredients, foods, supplements and environmentally responsible products we all need to share a greener future together. NutraWiki is the place to find simple, straightforward explanations of all the ingredients used in your favorite natural products. It’s also a great place to promote your own products and share the healthy, responsible options you believe the world needs to know about.

NutraWiki.org is your platform to promote and EDUCATE the world about the incredible natural products you have to offer and inspire the world.

NutraWiki – Your Natural Products Educator!