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  1. Peter Woodruff

    By introduction, my name is Peter Woodruff. I am a 70 -year old business man, living in Florida. I am extensively involved in many civic activities and am an avid fisherman. My interest in writing this blog on my health is to promote dialogue about personal health and to share information about things that have been helpful for me.

    This summer, while on a vacation with my family, we were diving on Great Guana Cay. Due to some over estimations about my capabilities, I found myself in a real pickle as I was assaulted by sharks a fare distance from shore,

    Due to rapid heart rate and extreme over exertion, my lungs started to fill up with fluid. Rather than go through the whole story, my son was finally able to drag me up on the beach, after alluding any teeth from the sharks, I realized that I was in a full-blown attack of heart failure.

    Because of the great skill of several local fire and rescue personnel on the island, and a doctor on another island, and a wonderful nurse, Imelda, on a third island, my life was spared. That day, while lying in the sand spitting frothy blood into a towel, I was introduced to a, pulse oxymeter, my oxygen reading at that time was 77% oxygen in my blood. After a day went by, my readings had improved to 82 -to 87%, but far from the 98% that most of my family members were showing.

    When faced with things like life and death, your mind thinks of many things, hence the name of my blog, Staying Alive. While that heart failure attack was the worst, it was not my first. My wife and I were in Paris, in a nice little hotel, and after a long hard day of being a tourist, had dinner, we went to bed. As I laid down on the bed I noticed a gurgling sound coming from my chest, the longer I laid down, the harder it was to breathe and the worse the gurgling. I figured out if I sat up, it went away, but as soon as I laid down again, it would come back. I realized that if I took pillows and I sat in the corner of the room with the pillows on either side of me, I could sleep sitting up, and deal with the reason why in the morning. Just to add a little info here, I don’t speak French, nor do I have an affinity for Drs. or hospitals. That was incident number 2.

    The first time, was at home, months before and it was nowhere as bad as either of the other episodes. So, if you’re at a point in the story where you’re getting a little depressed, I really believe that it gets a lot better. II am first trying to explain the severity of my condition, give your insight into who I am, and let you know that these difficulties have pushed me to look for solutions. Understand this, my medical conditions are multiple, and in some respects, very much a catch 22 type of situation. I have had low back issues and knee, bone on bone, Sciatica and other problems which have caused me to really look for alternative answers. When you look up heart failure, you will see that they, the medical community, say that there is limited treatment, and that it is often fatal. I am not only not ready to die, but believe that I have already have made significant strides in finding answers to even the severest of my difficulties.

    In my quest for health answers, in this case about Heart Failure, the question should be asked, what is the cause? In my case, at the time of my incidents, my heart was not able to process the blood, to pump it properly through the body to remove the spent C02 from my lungs and get oxygen out of the air and process it properly back into my blood stream. Reasons being, significant heart damage to make it work inefficiently. One of the first clues to my difficulties came with the revelation that taking Aleve NSAID products, for me is a”no,no”. NSAIDS cause kidneys to slow down and those kidneys help illuminate waste fluid which builds up in your body.

    Your lungs job is to help in oxygenating blood so that you can live, but when you fill them up with fluid, they can’t do their job and you die. Did I mention the bone on bone?

    of my knees? Of course, I did, constant pain in my knees, but being a chicken about surgery, or maybe I’m just not ready to trust Drs. with my knees, this also started me on a course to look for alternative solutions to the very things which were killing me.

    In an effort to rehabilitate my heart I have begun an exercise program. My Daughter in Law is a wonderful personal trainer, and she has taken me on as a reclamation project. We will hear from her at some future point, when she has a free moment. I work with her 2 separate hours a week, and try to bike some on all of the other 3 days.

    How much Aleve was I taking? Way too much, but in order to do the things of my daily life I thought that I needed to do it. When the episodes of pulmonary edema started to happen, and it was explained to me how Aleve, combined with heart damage was a large part of the culprit, things started to change. I could not stop working out as I was trying to rehabilitate my heart, and yet without pain relief, my knees hurt so bad. That was when I probably started reading about supplements which work for pain relief.

    Well, being the sceptic that you are starting to know me to be, I read about Turmeric and Curcumin
    I bought some and began to take it. I then contacted Wisdom of Nature Marketplace and their source nutra wiki who sent me the information that I needed. (nutra wiki link product name ) Is what I have. I started a regimen of curcumin and in a relatively short time I was noticing dramatic results. All I can say is that the knee pain is so significantly reduced, that I go up and down stairs better, can stand much longer, walk further, and over all am just really happy about my knees.

  2. peter woodruff

    It has been a little over a year since my run in with the sharks and my  brush with Pulmonary Edema. Observations that I’ve made since then :The benefits of diet and exercise. Eating more clean, and building longer cardio sessions. The heart is a muscle and it can be strengthened. I have  used an oxygen % monitor and a blood pressure machine on a regular basis. Constantly checking to see what progress the workouts and diet are changing my results. Another indicator of health has been ,how I feel after hard exercise, and what is my recovery time.
    What I have observed about heart  disease and me , is that medicine usually goes to the symptoms and not to the cure. To effect a real change in diagnosis or prognosis,a real and dramatic change must occur.A change that is measurable with instruments .
    In a sense,  I have to prove things to my self.Over time , my blood pressure has come down some. I am still on blood pressure meds ,but feel that if I can continue to loose weight and stick to my exercise regimen, that I may be able to get off that medication. Another observation that I have made has to do with pulmonary Edema,
    having had 3 episodes in a year and some months. After my last episode I started on a cpap machine and have been on it for 10 months. Udererstanding that my use of this machine is a love, hate relationship. It has worked wonders , and has been an integral part of my recovery. Also measurable is the oxygen % in my blood which not where I want it to be,  has risen over time.
    Turmeric with Biop.erine,  continues to work with the arthritis and other issues of inflammation. I manage to keep the swelling in the ankles under control with forosimide,but that only deals with the symptom and not the cause.

  3. Peter Tran

    Sharing a hand to distribute tapioca products

    Dear Sir/madam,

    Vietnam is a wonderful country with cassava crop growing year round fully for processing tapioca syrup.
    In recent years, tapioca syrup demand is increasing stably due to the considerably growing consumption for food industry. Especially in USA, Canada and some other countries.
    We have cassava farm projects that can produce tapioca starch and tapioca syrup for distributors in the world. We would like to cooperate with you as partners to supply tapioca starch for you to do OEM tapioca syrup in Vietnam factory to export to your destination customers.
    We would like to contribute our effort to develop this syrup industry as a mission. Admiring your company about your business activities so far, we strongly believe that you also participate in this program as a great help to rural community development in Vietnam.

    Would you like to lighting up the world by sharing tapioca syrup and starch products?

    We are looking forward to seeing your reply. If you know any friend and your partner companies, please introduce this to them as your support.

    Best regards


    Food Project developer


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