Tannins are naturally occurring plant polyphenols. Their main characteristic is that they bind and precipitate proteins.

  • They can have a large influence on the nutritive value of many foods eaten by humans and feedstuff eaten by animals.
  • Tannins are common in fruits (grapes, persimmon, blueberry, etc.), in tea, in chocolate, in fruit dish.legume forages (trefoil, etc.), in legume trees (Acacia spp., Sesbania spp., etc.), in grasses (sorghum, corn, etc.).
  • Tannins contribute to many aspects of our daily lives. They are responsible for the astringent taste we experience when we partake of wine or unripe fruits, and for the enchanting colors seen in flowers and in autumn leaves.


Source:web article, Antonello Cannas (Ph.D. student)Cornell University-College of agriculture and life sciences (peer reviewed), www.ansci.cornell.edu/plants/toxicagents/tannin.html


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