Cetostearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol or cetylstearyl alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols, consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols and is classified as a fatty alcohol.



  • It is used as an emulsion stabilizer, opacifying agent, and foam boosting surfactant, as well as an aqueous and nonaqueous viscosity-increasing agent.
  • It imparts an emollient feel to the skin and can be used in water-in-oil emulsions, oil-in-water emulsions, and anhydrous formulations.
  • It is commonly used in hair conditioners and other hair products.


  • Cetearyl Alcohol is generally classified as being of no to low hazard or toxicity (EWG).


  • None are recorded.  Please consult with your doctor.

Other names

cetearyl alcohol or cetylstearyl alcohol


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