Dried apple pomace is the solid residue that remains after milling and pressing of apples for cider, apple juice or puree production.



  • Apple pomace is a multipurpose product with many uses including fuel (ethanol production), direct burning, gasification, anaerobic digestion (methane generation), food (pomace jam, sauce, confectionery products such as pomace powder for toffees), pectin production, citric acid production, fibre extraction, and livestock feed.


  •  Fresh apple pomace spoils quickly. Even when it is intended to be fed fresh, it is recommended to exclude air by consolidating and sheeting. Dried apple pomace is more durable.


  • No side effects are known. Should you have concerns, please talk to a nutritionist.


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Other names

  • Apple pomace [English]; marc de pommes [French]; bagaço de maça, polpa de maça [Portuguese]; pulpa de manzana, bagazo de manzana, pomasa, manzana de desecho [Spanish]; Apfelstrester, Trester von Apfeln [German]


Source: Feedipedia, https://www.feedipedia.org/node/20703


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