Ferrum phosphoricum is a homeopathic medicine. Abbreviated ferrum phos, the remedy is used to cure various ailments from fever to inflammation. It may also be helpful in restoring lost energy.



Homeopathy practitioners may prescribe the herb remedy to patients with inflammatory diseases, low energy, chills, viral illnesses, anemia, or low fever. Ear infections can also be cleared up with ferrum phosphoricum.


Ferrum phos. is also a useful homeopathic remedy for female problems and is recommended for brief menstrual cycle, vaginal dryness, tedious pain in the uterus as well as strain incontinence during the night. People who require this homeopathic remedy most are those who have an aversion to milk and meat, but long for coffee.

This homeopathic remedy is most appropriate for fevers that generally begin slowly and quickly turn into some kind of hot flashes. Use of Ferrum phos. may possibly aid the body to lower the temperature naturally as well as to reach the main cause of the problem and the symptoms related to it. This homeopathic remedy is also useful for colds that begin gradually and may possibly also be accompanied by a dry cough or nosebleed at the start of the health problem. In such cases, the patient may experience tender throat and find it difficult to breathe normally. Taking this homeopathic remedy Ferrum phos. helps to ease these ailments as well as the associated symptoms.

In addition, Ferrum phos. also works excellently in providing relief from soreness or itchiness within or in the vicinity of the ear. In such cases, the patient may experience a temporary hearing loss and also a pain throughout the area around the ear or the soreness may be intense in only one particular area.

In effect, Ferrum phos. is useful for several health conditions and a few of the case specific health problems treated using this homeopathic medication are discussed briefly below.

Ferrum phos. is an appropriate homeopathic remedy for poor blood circulation, which may possibly result in varicose veins that are tender in nature. This condition may also result in hemorrhages or also a feeble pulse rate. In addition, the patient may experience debility and frequently have a flushed face that is linked to poor circulation.

This homeopathic remedy has an inclination to offer the best help when any individual is suffering from sour burps, indigestion, vomiting and also regurgitation related to digestion. People requiring Ferrum phos. may possible also experience an intense thirst, but have a loss of appetite when they suffer from this problem. All these symptoms may be linked to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


No side effects are known.


None are recorded.

Other names

Ferrum phos


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