Hydrolyzed protein is protein that has been hydrolyzed or broken down into its component amino acids.



High-quality skin & hair care products including creams, lotions, shampoos & conditioners (especially for dry skin & hair), sun care, after sun & makeup products, excellent for eye contour treatment.


Hydrolyzed wheat protein is used today throughout many different cultures and industries. Skin care products contain this type of protein in order to retain water or moisture on the skin. Various skin care products such as moisturizers, lotions, skin care serums and anti aging creams contain hydrolyzed wheat protein to effectively preserve or improve skin moisture. Anti aging creams also have this ingredient to minimize fine lines and wrinkles typical of skin exposed to ultra violet light and as a result of natural aging.

Hair care products on the other hand also improve their quality with hydrolyzed wheat protein as an ingredient. This increases the overall strength of the hair right up to the roots; it makes hair more manageable and can even benefit people who have thinning hair, premature baldness for women and male pattern baldness for men. It can also help repair damaged hair follicles making hair fuller and softer to the touch.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is also an ingredient in cosmetic preparations such as concealers, face powders and other types of makeup that is used every day. There are lipsticks and lip glosses that also contain this type of protein to improve moisture quality of lips eliminating chaffing and cracking common to lips when they are exposed to dry environments.


There are no noted side effects of hydrolyzed wheat protein and products with this as a main ingredient. Although safe to use, a small percentage of the population may suffer from minimal side effects like itching, redness and irritation. If you have extra sensitive skin, it is important to consult with your dermatologist to find out about the ideal skin care regimen for your skin type. If you must wear makeup every day, consider taking it off as early as possible. Use a makeup remover or just wash your face thoroughly before retiring at night. Cosmetics with hydrolyzed wheat protein may also cause a slight irritation when used on children or infants’ sensitive skin. Always consult a dermatologist for a milder product to use.


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