Achyranthes is a genus of medicinal and ornamental plants in the amaranth family, Amaranthaceae. Chaff flower is a common name for plants in this genus.



Achyranthes bidentata is used in Traditional Chinese medicine. It inhibits collagen-induced arthritis and acute edema. Most significantly, two novel triterpene glycosides isolated from the plant have been shown to be 1,000 times more potent than Sialyl Lewis X (SleX), an important blood group antigen that inhibits excess recruitment of neutrophils to injured tissues. This property has made it useful for treating arthritis; when too many white blood cells are recruited to an injured joint the neutrophils attack and destroy healthy tissues, leading to conditions such as septic shock and rheumatoid arthritis


Achyranthes is often used in traditional Chinese medicine with other herbs to treat nosebleeds, toothaches, bleeding gums, headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision; it is thought to cause blood to move downward from the head and upper body.

Achyranthes root is used to improve circulation in the lower half of the body. Due to its function of increasing blood circulation it is used for high blood pressure, painful menstruation, and the absence of menstruation. It is beneficial to joints and bones and is thus used for pain and soreness of the lower back and knees due to weakness. It has the ability to clear painful urination accompanied with blood in the urine. It lowers blood cholesterol levels and is used in the treatment of atherosclerosis. The root juice is used in Nepal for toothache.


Not to be used during  pregnancy or by menorrhagic women


None are recorded

Other names

Latin names: Radix achyranthis bidentatae, Achyranthes bidentata Bl.
Chinese name: huai niu xi
Other name: ox knee


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