Acidum hydrofluoric, also known as Fluoric ac, works as a homeopathic remedy for those who seem energetic and full of life, but they tend to get exhausted easily soon thereafter.



The homeopathic remedy fluoric ac. is used extensively to treat a number of health conditions; especially those that have an impact on the fibrous tissues like the bones and veins. Such conditions may include pain in the coccyx (a small triangle shaped bone forming the lower extremity of the spinal column in humans), varicose veins and other more severe ailments like bone tumors. Use of fluoric ac. is effective in treating all the above mentioned health conditions. In addition, this homeopathic medicine is an effective remedy to prevent decay of tooth.

In homeopathy, fluoric ac. is prescribed for treating a variety of dissimilar conditions and their related symptoms. A brief discussion of the condition specific uses of this homeopathic medicine is presented below.

Sexual problems
As a homeopathic remedy, fluoric ac. is recommended for aged men who endure specific sexual problems, such as enhanced sexual desire or libido and penile erections that may often even disturb their sleep. Such individuals may also find a swelling in their scrotum and other associated sexual dysfunctions.
Tooth decay
The homeopathic medicine fluoric ac. has been used in different forms to prevent tooth decay. This homeopathic medicine is also useful for treating discolored teeth as well as teeth that have become brittle and are inclined to break off easily.
Varicose veins
Fluoric ac. is one of the best homeopathic medicines to treat varicose veins. In this case, the veins have a tendency to become distended and excruciating. Such veins may be found in any part of the body, but are most common in the legs. Such veins may cause immense pain and the condition as well as pain is likely to worsen when the individual keeps standing for prolonged periods. Administration of fluoric ac. is effective in curing the condition as well as related symptoms.
Nail conditions
People who endure fragile or crumbling nails may find it beneficial if they turn to fluoric ac. to treat these conditions. In fact, this homeopathic medicine is most appropriate to treat these conditions and related problems. Fluoric ac. is the best remedy for curing nails that tend to grow rapidly, but have a deformed appearance or when the nails have an irregular thickness while growing. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also prescribed for people who have brittle nails that have a tendency to chip off easily.
Discharges from nose and ear
The homeopathic medicine fluoric ac. is effective in treating conditions, such as ear infections that result in some sort of discharges, especially when the individual is under stress or suffering from any other ailment. Such discharges may be continuous and emerge from the ear or nose something similar to a leaking valve. Such discharges may also be related to hay fever or other associated physical conditions.
This is a condition where people experience bald patches on the scalp usually following a prolonged ailment. Even when there is new hair growth, the hair is likely to be brittle and arid. Use of the homeopathic remedy fluoric ac. is appropriate to cure this condition.


  • The homeopathic medicine fluoricum acidum (Fluor. ac.) has shown that it is effective in treating symptoms, such as excitement. These symptoms are generally experienced by people who often have a feeling that they ought to always be moving ahead or have an inclination to walk very fast. The homeopathic medicine fluoricum acidum is very useful for individuals who have the temperament to be extremely anxious or worried. Hydrofluoric acid or fluoricum acidum is also beneficial for people who suffer from prejudiced or blight thoughts as well as difficulty in remembering things.
  • In addition to its use in medicine, fluoricum acidum or hydrofluoric acid also has industrial uses. For instance, large amounts of this mineral acid are used in industry to cleanse metals as well as polishing, frosting and engraving glass. It may be noted that hydrofluoric acid encloses fluorine, a substance that is stored in the bones and teeth. Dearth of fluorine may result in decaying tooth. Thus, a compound of fluorine known as fluoride is generally added to the water supply with a view to prevent tooth from decaying.
  • Fluoricum acidum has been specifically acclimatized to treat chronic ailments that have a syphilitic (pertaining to the sexually-transmitted disease syphilis) and mercurial history. This homeopathic remedy works well particularly on the lower tissues and is prescribed for treating profound, disparaging bedsores, varicose veins, ulcerations and ulcers. Administration of fluoricum acidum virtually compels the patient to walk around actively. Homeopaths also prescribe this medicine for people who are enduring old age or have aged prematurely and have fragile and swollen blood vessels. The homeopathic medicine fluoricum acidum is also useful for alcoholics having hobnailed liver (a chronic ailment of the liver which causes the organ to degenerate and shrink in size). As aforementioned, fluoricum acidum is also the appropriate remedy for preventing tooth decay. In addition, it has been found that the use of this homeopathic remedy also helps in healing old cases of fevers that keep recurring during the night time at regular intervals.
  • Many of us may be acquainted with some substance that is similar to fluoride since we use it regularly every day in our toothpaste. However, it may be noted that the mineral called fluorine has been traditionally used in medicines for several years. However, according to some experts, using fluorine in excessive amounts may result in health disorders in the long run. In homeopathy, fluorine has been researched extensively and the findings have led to the evolution of the homeopathic remedy known as fluoric ac. or fluoricum acidum.
  • Like in the instance of any other homeopathic medicine, fluoric ac. is prepared very cautiously. The process involved in preparing this homeopathic remedy includes dissolving hydrofluoric acid in alcohol. The solution formed is constantly diluted in alcohol and succussed every time between the dilution processes. The end product is a solution which is the homeopathic medicine fluoric ac. Like in the case of all other homeopathic medicines, fluoric ac. too does not retain any trace whatsoever of the original mineral fluorine.
  • As a homeopathic medicine, fluoric ac. is beneficial for people who may appear to be very active and lively, but have an inclination to become tired easily and soon. By their nature, such individuals are somewhat materialistic or money-oriented and are rather generally negligent in their relationships. They are quite shallow or superficial in nature and usually face difficulties while trying to bond with others. Hence, they very often struggle with satisfaction.


Despite the absence of any significant side-effects associated with the use of fluoric acidum, it shouldn’t be used without the opinion of a certified homeopathic practitioner. This is because the dilution and potency levels of potent homeopathic compounds needs to be carefully assessed. For instance, excessive use of fluoric acidum is known to induce some degree of abnormality in the growth of nails. Further, fluoric acidum might be recommended in combination with other homeopathic compounds for better results.


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Other names

Fluoricum Acidum, Fluoric Ac, Hydrofluoric Acid


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