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This man-manipulated mineral is used in small doses as a home herbal remedy to treat emotional ailments resulting from stress and exhaustion, such as apathy, listlessness, grief, and others. It is used for certain physical ailments as well, and is an important ingredient in various manufacturing industries.


  •  Acidum phosphoricum is an effective remedy used to improve the kidney’s function and control diabetes.
  • Experts in homeopathic medicine claim that the best “candidates” for phosphoricum acidum treatment are people with overall calm and gentle personalities, who may be experiencing grief or trauma which they have a profound difficulty properly dealing with. Although the ingredient helps depression, the treatment should not be viewed as a complete cure. It is recommended that a phosphoricum acidum regimen is accompanied by gentle exercise, plenty of rest, and physical warmth.
  • Phosphoric acid has several uses outside of the realm of homeopathy as well. In the past, it has been used as a digestive stimulant. It may help reduce elevated calcium levels in potential cancer patients, fight against hair loss and diabetes, prevent digestive tract-related dehydration, and provide relief in children suffering from growing pains. Additionally, phosphoric acid is an ingredient used in sugar refining, various medicines, detergents, fertilizers, and rust removal products.


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