Acrylates/octylacryamide copolymer

  • This polymer is a hydrophobic high molecular weight carboxylated acrylic copolymer. Because the polymer is inherently moisture resistant, it can be used in waterproof sunscreens as well as a variety of protective creams and lotions. Fine white powder.
  • Excellent film forming polymer that adds water-resistance to creams, sunscreen and mascara. Provides water-proof protection and thickening properties depending on the formula.
  • Can be mixed into the hot oil phase of formulation, mixes also with glycerin, Propylene Glycol, alcohol or hot water that has been neutralized. Needs to be sprinkled into the solution and well mixed. Use levels: 2-7%. For external use only. Stable when kept in a closed container at a cool & dry place.
  • Color cosmetics, sun & skin protection, hair care products, shaving creams, moisturizers.



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