Adrenalinum is the name given to a homeopathic remedy prepared from secretions of the adrenal gland.



  • Used as a homeopathic remedy for allergies (including hay fever), asthma, difficulties in respiration such acute lung congestion.


  • Certain medical conditions may indicate a need for adrenal homeopathic remedy. The following are broad indications for the use of adrenalinum: Addison’s disease, weakness, neuralgic pains, palpitations, rapid pulse, asthma, sense of constriction with anguish, fear and shock or heart failure during anaesthesia. Its chief therapeutic use is based on its vasoconstrictive action and has been of use in hemorrhaging not due to defective coagulation (clotting).


  •  A medical examination with the appropriate tests is highly recommended. Consider giving your adrenals/kidneys a tune up by eliminating the use of caffeine loaded “energy” drinks, reduce coffee and avoid caffeinated soda. Overuse of caffeine exhausts the adrenal glands through over stimulation. Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. Establish a regular (early) bedtime habit.
  • It should not be frequently repeated. Many symptoms of adrenal exhaustion are vague and prior to considering self-treatment it is recommended to determine why you are experiencing particular complaints, so the true issue is addressed.


  • It is not advised to self-prescribe this remedy. Check with a professional homeopath to determine your suitability for this remedy. This information does not replace medical consultation.

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