Flower that is used in the homeopathy.



  • Though little used in modern medicine, the bulb has diuretic and styptic properties.
  • Dried and powdered it has been used as a styptic for leucorrhoea
  • Tennyson speaks of Bluebell juice being used to cure snake-bite.
  • The flowers have a slight, starch-like scent, but no medicinal uses have been ascribed to them.


The following medical states can be addressed by Agraphis Nutans

  • Catarrhal conditions
  • Obstruction of nostrils
  • Adenoids, throat deafness
  • Enlarged tonsils
  • Mucous diarrhœa from cold
  • Chill from cold winds
  • Throat and ear troubles with tendency to free discharge from mucous membranes
  • Mutinism of childhood unconnected with deafness.


  •  None are recorded. Please consult with your doctor.


Please refer to the product’s packaging or a homeopathic specialist.

Other names

Bluebell, Calverkeys, Culverkeys, Auld Man’s Bell, Ring-o’-Bells, Jacinth, Wood Bells.


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