Ailanthus Glandulosa is a plant. The dried bark from the trunk and root are used for medicine. Until recently, tree of heaven was used only in folk medicine. But now, it is being investigated as a potential drug.



  • Ailanthus Glandulosa is used for diarrhea, asthma, cramps, epilepsy, fast heart rate,gonorrhea, malaria, and tapeworms. It has also been used as a bitter and a tonic.
  • Some women use Ailanthus Glandulosa for vaginal infections and menstrual pain.
  • In foods, the young leaves of the Ailanthus Glandulosa are eaten.
  • In manufacturing, Ailanthus Glandulosa is used as insecticide.


  • The homeopathic medication ailanthus is particularly beneficial for people who have been suffering from lower types of infectious ailments (also known as low zymotic forms of sickness). For instance, such illnesses comprise scarlet fever,diphtheria, blood poisoning and symptomatic typhoid – particularly the cases which are distinguished by congestion of capillaries resulting in reddish speckled spots. Malignant scarlet fever is perhaps the most prominent sign of this kind of low sickness. People suffering from such low type of sickness do not experience the usual rashes, but instead reddish spots resembling roseola emerge on the body. When the normally consistent spread of the rashes or eruptions fail to appear or when they are suppressed, patients may experience bleeding from the nose and gums.
  • In addition, such conditions may also result in appalling swellings or tumefaction in the throat. The appearance of the face becomes purple and confused, while there may be congestion in the eyes. Sometimes, when the condition deteriorates, the patient may also bleed from the eyes. Moreover, such patients experience extreme debility and are really in the state of a stupor. In other words, the patients become dim-witted and always feel like sleeping. If one examines the throat of such patients, he or she will notice that it is coated with somewhat purplish patches that are combined with an edematous (accumulation of excessive fluids) look something that is common in Baptisia patients.
  • Ailanthus is said to be good for a low type of sickness that sets in depression or disheartens the patients. When any individual is suffering from this ailment, his or her blood continues to decompose very fast and the blood that comes out of the body is black in color. During this period the patients, especially suffering children, continues to be in a state of unconsciousness or stupor and it is a big problem to stimulate them. At times, patients suffering from such low type of sickness find blisters forming on the tips of their fingers and also on other parts of the body. Ailanthus people also have a rotten or foul smell coming out from their mouth and nose.


  • It is not known if tree of heaven is safe. But when taken in large amounts, tree of heaven bark can cause queasiness, dizziness, headache, limb tingling, and diarrhea.In research, some animals died after being given tree of heaven.


None are recorded. Please talk to your pharmacist for further information.

Other names

Tree of Heaven, Ailante, Ailante Glanduleux, Ailanthus altissima, Ailanthus cacodendron, Ailanthus giraldii, Ailanthus glandulosa, Ailanthus vilmoriniana, Ailanto, A-Lan-Thus, Árbol del Cielo, Chinese Sumach, Chuen Gen Pi, Chun Pi, Copal Tree, Frêne Puant, Faux-Vernis du Japon, Heaven Tree, Indian Tree of Heaven, Paradise Tree, Rhus cacodendron, Stinktree, Toxicodendron altissimum, Varnish Tree, Vernis de Chine, Vernis de Japon


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