• Aluminum is used by medical and healthcare professionals to deal with injuries, sickness, and disease.


  • Medicinally, aluminum is said to have the following beneficial properties:
    • astringent
    • styptic
    • emetic agent
    • vaccine boost
    • avoid and/or treat infections
    • stop bleeding
  • There have also been claims that powdered aluminum:
    • helps cure canker sores and eye abscesses
    • is an effective mouthwash
    • relieves muscle cramps
    • helps with cracked heels
    • helps with athlete’s foot
    • purifies water
    • acts as a good deodorant
    • removes hair
    • diminish wrinkles
    • treat pimples
    • eradicate hair lice
    • anti-aging
    • combats diarrhea
    • treats dysentery


  • Aluminum might cause vomiting after being used in or around the mouth. Wash mouth with water following use to prevent vomiting.



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