Ambra Grisea is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish colour produced in the digestive system of sperm whales.



Ancient Egyptians burned ambergris as incense, while in modern Egypt ambergris is used for scenting cigarettes. The ancient Chinese called the substance “dragon’s spittle fragrance”. During the Black Death in Europe, people believed that carrying a ball of ambergris could help prevent them from getting the plague. This was because the fragrance covered the smell of the air which was believed to be a cause of plague.

This substance has also been used historically as a flavoring for food and is considered an aphrodisiac in some cultures. During the Middle Ages, Europeans used ambergris as a medication for headaches, colds, epilepsy, and other ailments


It is called the floating gold, as it is extremely valuable in the perfume industry.

In homeopathy, Ambra Grrisea is used against depression and energizes. Thus anti-social behaviour is also treated.

Ambra affects the cerebro-spinal nervous system, causing spasmodic symptoms here and there over the body. The muscles of the face twitch. It may also be used in sleeplessness arising from worriment of mind, as from business troubles. The patient may, in these cases, retire to bed feeling tolerably tired, yet so soon as the head touches the pillow he becomes wakeful. This remedy is particularly indicated in thin, spare men, who have a decidedly nervous temperament, in whom nervousness predominates at the expense of nutrition.

We may use Ambra for cough, when it is worse when strangers are in the room, or under any other circumstances which would tend to excite the nervous system.


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Other names

Ambragris, Ambre gris, ambergrease or grey amber


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