Ammon mur, also referred to as Ammonium muriaticum, is prepared chemically using the chemical compound ammonium chloride.



This medication is used to treat a number of health problems, especially lung problems, such as coughs, bronchitis and pneumonia.


In homeopathy, ammon. mur. has a wonderful action on people who are obese and lethargic and suffer from respiratory ailments. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also appropriate for people who have a large body with slender legs. These people suffer from cough that is dry lacerating, but becomes loose in the afternoon accompanied by copious coughing and spitting up mucus as well as clattering mucus. The voice of such patients becomes hoarse and they may experience a burning sensation in larynx. They cough more violently when they are lying on their back or on the right side. They cough copious saliva, which is accompanied by symptoms of the liver. In such cases, the phlegm is so firm that it cannot be hawk up. In other words, it becomes quite impossible to clear up the throat. They also have diluted watery pungent and hot discharges from the nose, which wear away the inside of nose as well as the upper lip in coryza (severe inflammation of the mucus membrane in the nasal cavity). Congestion of the nose results in lack of ability to smell and they have a stuffy feeling in the nose with the yearning to blow it out.

Ammonium muriaticum is also effective in treating constipation when the patient passes different kinds of stool at different times. In addition, stools differ in color and are covered with viscous mucus. At the threshold of the anus, the stools often break up. This homeopathic medication is also effective in treating diarrhea that is accompanied with bloody discharge from the bowels during menstrual cycles. Ammonium muriaticum is also useful for healing hemorrhoids (mass of dilated veins in swollen tissues at the border of the anus and in the region of the rectum) following repressed leucorrhoea (a white or yellowish release of mucous material from the vagina, often indicating an infection). The patients also experience tender and smarting rectum accompanied by a smoldering and stinging pain while passing stool and even several hours after. This homeopathic remedy is also effective for treating leucorrhoea. There is also a propensity unbalanced or erratic blood circulation and it appears that blood is in unvarying tumult, pounding. The patients suffer from cough which is accompanied by numerous categories of symptoms. Turning to the homeopathic remedy ammon. mur. not only helps to cure the main health conditions, but also eases the associated symptoms effectively.


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Other names

Ammonium muriaticum


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