Ammonium xylene is a surfactant found in personal care products, primarily in shampoos, because of its ability to serve as a claritant or wetting agent that helps a formula spread more easily and ensure efficient cleansing.



Xylenesulfonates are used in detergents and shampoos in amounts of up to 10% of the product.

They are surfactants, but they are usually added to thicken a mixture like shampoo, and to help keep some other ingredients in solution. This makes the product clear or transparent, as the cloudy precipitates are put back into solution.


Solubilizer, coupling agent, cloud point depressant, viscosity reducer.


  • Ammonium xylene sulfonate is considered a low hazard ingredient by the Cosmetics Database, which has mild concerns regarding organ system toxicity and skin and eye irritation. One or more animal studies showed liver effects and skin irritation at high doses that are unlike those found in shampoos or other cleansing products.


  • We currently have no information forAmmonium xylene sulfonate.

Other names

Sodium xylenesulfonate, sodium dimethylbenzenesulfonate


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