Amygdalus Persica, widely known as peach, with their soft skin and sweet flesh, are a summertime staple. One of the largest fruit crops grown in the United States, peaches provide a great deal of nutrients with few calories and no fat. Peaches are a healthy way to fit in one of your daily servings of fruit.



Amygdalus Persica is the most valuable remedy in vomiting of various kinds; MORNING SICKNESS.  It is also useful for the following health issues:

Irritation of eyes. Ischuria and hematuria.
Hemorrhage from the bladder.

Gastric irritation of children;

Constant nausea and vomiting.


Amygdalus Persica can help with the following health issues:

Constitution, Complexion, and Characteristic Symptoms
          Fair skinned persons with tendencies to sunburn, irritation from mild heat, allergies,
             auto-immune overactivity; heat and irritation of the skin and mucosa.

Mind, Senses, Nerves, Emotions, Personality
Nervousness, restlessness, insomnia; jangled nerves from bad news; overexcited children;
             overstimulation; pain.
Insomnia (tea of the leaves or twigs before bed, but be prepared to go to sleep immediately

             because its effect is immediate) (Susan Kramer).

Earache (pit).
“Tongue elongated and pointed with red edges” (Frederick Peterson, 1905, 49);
             tongue elongated, pointed, carmine, and dry (Matthew Wood). Lips cherry red.

Upper respiratory allergies and irritation; eyes, nose, throat.
Cough with irritation and dryness of the throat and bronchial tubes; whooping cough,
             chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis.

Irritation of the stomach and upper gastrointestinal tract.
Acute tenderness over the stomach; vomiting of nervous origin; especially during pregnancy;
             cannot bear the sight or smell of food, even water.
Nervous, restless babies with inclination to vomit from the least taste or smell of food;

             even a teaspoonful of water may be vomited up.
Debilitating diarrhea and dysentery; cholera infantum, cholera morbus; colic.
Gastritis, dyspepsia, diarrhea, dysentery; chronic.
Dyspepsia, gastralgia, and nausea.
Worms, with symptoms of heat and irritation.

Kidney and Bladder
         Edema, probably caused by heat, irritation, and dryness of the kidneys.
Irritable bladder with extreme tenderness over the part; retention of urine, blood in the
             urine, irritation.

Vomiting of pregnancy and reflex irritation.

Fever with heat and dryness.

Skin clammy, retaining water, during hot weather.

Has an affinity to the vata (ectomorphic) constitution; though not restricted to it.
Loss of color in hair, loss of hair (with sage).
Hives, rashes, allergic skin reactions (external).
Pain (“beat up a handful of the fresh leves, put them in a bag, and steam for fifeen minutes
             and apply”) (Ralph Russell, 1911, 327).


None are recorded.


Please consult with your doctor!

Other names

peach, prunus persica


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