• Homeopathic use


  • Psychological Problems: Anacardium Orientale happens to be quite helpful not only to physical symptoms, but also to psychological ones as well. In this instance, it may help as a homeopathic remedy where there exists a state of inner conflict that shows up as behavior that changes quite dramatically from time to time. The individual commonly displays cold hearted and almost cruel behavior, followed by exaggerated affection. There is often poor memory and poor concentration associated with these types of psychological issues as well.
  • Low Self Esteem: Though this may not seem like an actual condition, it can be as it can greatly affect your quality of life. This is usually exhibited by feelings of unworthiness and low self confidence. There may be an inferiority complex and a sort of inner conflict as well. An individual may be self abusive and display extremes in terms of behavior patterns. Anacardium Orientale may work as a homeopathic remedy for the feelings exhibited as well as the symptoms that an individual has to cope with.
  • Skin Conditions: This is usually the type of skin condition such as eczema and overall patches of red and itchy skin. This often shows up on the forearms and causes a burning sensation. It may also appear as warts that can be treated by anacord or as well.
  • Digestive Disorders: Indigestion, hemorrhoids, and constipation with a painful feeling in the stomach or anus are quite commonly treated by anacord or as a homeopathic remedy. There may be pain before or after eating, and it may come and go rather quickly.
  • Chest Pain: This is a sharp pain near the heart with a sort of pressure in the chest that accompanies it. The individual may feel as though the area is weighted down, and this can cause a sort of uncomfortable sensation and possible palpitations.


  • Produces wounds, merely by skin contact – beware.
  • Causes inflammation on skin contact – beware.


  • Do not take homeopathic remedies without first consulting a homeopathic practitioner. Do not take several remedies at the same time as that is often discouraged in homeopathic treatment. Take the recommended dose only and immediately report any changes in condition to your doctor.

Other names

Anac, Semecarpus Anacardium, Anacord Or, Marking Nut Tree, Bhallataka


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