Animal Fat  are lipid materials derived from animals.



  •  Animal fats are commonly consumed as part of a western diet in their semi-solid form as either milk, butter, lard, schmaltz, and dripping or more commonly as filler in factory produced meat, pet food and fast-food products. Dairy products are animal secretions which contain varying levels of water, oils, fats and animal cells from circulatory and lymphatic systems such as blood and mammary glands.


  •  Some of the benefits might entail:
  • The functionalities of animal fats are highly comparable to those of vegetable fats;
  • Animal fats offer natural flavor advantages, for instance, tallow ads a distinct beef flavor ideal for beef-specific applications;
  • Animal fats are ideal in products and applications containing other animal ingredients origin;
  • Sonac’s edible animal fats offer a reliable means of providing the saturated fats necessary for producing biscuits, soups, and numerous other food products;
  • Produced from locally collected by-products, our fats offer you a means of substantially reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Eating a diet high in animal fat leads to high saturated fat intake – the chief cause of high cholesterol.


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