antimonium tartaricum

Antimonium Tartaricum or Antimonium Tart is made from a tartrate of Potash.



Helps with respiratory ailments, for coughs or rattle in the chest. Other uses include help with bringing up mucus, short of breath, suffocating. Helpful for chest and lung symptoms.


The homeopathic medication antimonium tart. is an excellent remedy for respiratory problems, especially bronchitis. Its administration helps the patients get relief from symptoms, such as acute coughing and wheezing that accompany bronchitis or similar respiratory ailments. Occasionally, the patients may find the bouts of coughing associated with this ailment intolerable and in such situations, administering antimonium tart. to such patients helps to alleviate their problems.

Most infants often suffer from whooping cough – a contagious disorder of the respiratory mucous membrane, caused by Bordetella pertussis bacterium and is distinguished by a series of short, paroxysmal coughs. Infants suffering from this terrible respiratory problem experience unbearable fits of coughing and breathlessness which frequently result in uncontrolled vomiting and nausea. The mucus leads to congestion of the respiratory tract and its sound may often be heard clattering around inside the chest. Using antimonium tart. in such situations not only provides relief, but also helps to cure the condition.

In addition to being an effective homeopathic remedy for various respiratory ailments, antimonium tart. also has the aptitude to heal several skin disorders. This medication is especially effective in treating skin conditions, such as warts, acne or similar developments on the surface of the skin which generally leave behind a purple strain or mark even after the conditions are cured.

In homeopathy, antimonium tart. is also prescribed for treating chicken pox and it is known to be very effective in curing this infectious disease. In fact, administration of this homeopathic medication not only helps the body to get rid of the contagious ailment, but, at the same time, eliminates the symptoms associated with the disease. People who have suffered from chicken pox may find a discoloration of their skin accompanied with itching in different parts of the body. In addition, chicken pox may also result in symptoms of the digestive system and the chest – something very common with this infectious ailment.

Since the ancient times people are aware of certain properties of the mineral from which antimonium tart. is derived that are beneficial in treating nausea. Therefore, it is little surprising that even today many people rely on the homeopathic medication antimonium tart. for helping them get relief from nausea. In fact, this homeopathic remedy can not only help get rid of nausea itself, but also treat the other possible symptoms that may be associated with nausea – fainting, trembling and/ or debility. When people suffer from such severe nausea, they may have a feeling as if there is some weight or burden on their chest. As a result of this feeling, the patients are likely to vomit or simply continue to endure the feeling of nausea for prolonged periods.

In homeopathy, antimonium tart. is also prescribed to treat or alleviate headaches. As discussed earlier, people suffering from acute headache may have a sensation as if some tight band is compressing the head. The condition of such patients deteriorates when they also suffer from coughing. People suffering from such headaches usually feel tired out owing to the problem. However, administration of antimonium tart. to such people not only helps to provide relief from unbearable headaches, but also facilitates in getting rid of the other symptoms associated with it.


  • It is not safe for pregnant, breast feeding or for child below 10 years to use Antimonium tartaricum without doctor’s consent. If pain is persistent, seek medical care immediately.


  • We currently have no information for Antimonium Tartaricum Interactions.

Other names

Antim. tart./Antimony potassium tartrate / Tartar emetic


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