AprèsFLEX® is a new, patent-pending dietary ingredient targeting mediators of comfort and flexibility. These include 5-lipoxygenase, 5-lox activating protein (FLAP), TNF-α and other important mechanisms.



The only component of Apresflex is Boswellia. This is obviously extracted in a patented manner for its use in Apresflex and must have undergone some form of successful clinical testing. While the info ration for Apresflex is limited.

Apresflex will be blended with other ingredients such as Glucosamine and the overall affectedness for Apresflex will largely depend on these additional ingredients. It is not known exactly how much of the substance is required for optimum performance or how soon it starts having a positive effect.


Native to India, boswellia is an herb that produces a resin that contains properties that provide a substantial benefit in staving off many of today’s chronic illnesses.

Also called “Indian frankincense,” boswellia has become popular in alternative medicine for its natural ability to relieve inflammation.

Research shows that boswellia’s anti-inflammatory impact helps the body support joint health.

Unlike other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen, boswellia extract can be used over extended periods of time without causing stomach issues.


No side effects are known.


No interactions are known. Please consult your pharmacist.

Other names


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