Aquaxyl is a patented ingredient of Seppic Inc. in France. Derived from natural sugars, studies (available upon request) show that this ingredient improves water reserves and limits water loss. The product also contains Shea Butter and Sodium Hyaluronate for additional moisturizing benefits.



  • Skincare
  • Rinse and non-rinse hair products
  • Hygiene


  • The restructured stratum corneum is stronger: Visible effects in 8 hoursThe essential ally for skin hydration: all skin hydration elements are boosted (lipids, proteins, polysaccharides (dermal and epidermal hyaluronic acid), NMF)
  • The skin is visibly more beautiful: Strengthens the action of glycerin and removes its negative effects
  • The essential ally for hair hydration: Traps water in the core of the hair shaft while coating the hair
  • AQUAXYL™ improves the tolerance of foaming formulations and increases their sensory quality




Other names

Non hazardous.



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