Argentum Nitricum is also known as Silver Nitrate. The particular therapeutic usage of this homeopathic remedy perfectly fit for the middle ages whenever it is used as an antiseptic along with corrosive to deal with injuries.



Argentum nitricum, or silver nitrate, has been used in traditional medicine in a diluted solution for antiseptic purposes, although its use has all but disappeared. Silver nitrate, however, is a stock remedy in homeopathic medicine for anxiety. Potentially lethal when ingested in high concentration, diluted silver nitrate has demonstrated no effectiveness against anxiety in controlled studies.


Treating Anticipatory Anxiety

Anxiety is present when someone has feelings of apprehension or uncertainty; this can sometimes lead to panic attacks—episodes of tachycardia, or racing heartbeats, hyperventilation, disorientation and feelings of agitation and helplessness. According to the University of Michigan, these are also symptoms that can be treated with homeopathic remedies such as silver nitrate.

People who are anxious in anticipation of an important event, such as a public appearance or examination, may develop odd impulses and crave sugar and salt; symptoms often include dizziness and diarrhea, according to the University of Michigan.

Results of Australian Study

Several studies have evaluated the effectiveness of argentum nitricum in reducing the anxiety levels of university students facing an exam.

One study conducted at Southern Cross University in Australia compared two types of argentum nitricum with placebo in a group of 62 anxious students. There was no correlation between anxiety reduction and the use of silver nitrate, and no difference between types of treatment were found.

Researchers concluded that “homeopathic argentum nitricum does not reduce test anxiety in a general population of university students.”



In homeopathic medicine, silver nitrate solutions are used to treat anxiety, or nervousness. In mainstream medicine and in environmental hazard regulations, silver nitrate is classified as a dangerous poison that causes severe burns or death when ingested internally.


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Other names

Silver nitrate


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