Artificial coloring comes from anything that is inedible (i.e petroleum) that is processed to create chemicals of flavorings.



  • Used in food and cosmetics: lipstick, toothpaste, nail polish, hair dyes and tanning spray, and they’re also added to medications and nutritional supplements.


  • Artificial food coloring may make your foods more appealing and desirable.


  • According to, the FDA uses the best science available to determine whether food additives are safe. When artificial food colors are approved for use, a number of restrictions are specified, including the types of foods they can be used in, the maximum amounts in which they can be used and how the dyes should be identified on food labels. In addition, all approved food colors are subject to ongoing review, as testing methods continue to improve. does note that while it is rare, some individuals can have allergic reactions to particular food colors. As an example, the FDA found that approximately 1 in 10,000 people could experience hives and itching after consuming the artificial food coloring Yellow No. 5 — a coloring used widely in beverages, desserts, candies and other products.
  • According to the consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest, artificial food coloring and food dyes present many risks to consumers. A report published by the center notes that many commonly used artificial food colors have been found to cause damage to DNA, or genotoxicity, in more studies than they were found to be safe. But the research on artificial food coloring is limited to animal studies, including mice and rats. While bladder tumors and other forms of cancer were linked to certain artificial coloring in these studies, no human trials have found links between cancer and the dyes in humans. The center still contends they are dangerous to consumers and has urged many large manufacturers to discontinue their use.


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