Arundo Mauritanica

Arundo Mauritanica, also called Arundo donax is native to the Mediterranean Basin and middle east Asia, and probably also parts of Africa and southern Arabian Peninsula.



Used for allergies and hay fever.


The root is diaphoretic, diuretic, emollient and galactofuge. An infusion is said to stimulate menstrual discharge and diminish milk flow. A paste of the root is applied to the forehead to treat headaches. Isolated alkaloids have been experimentally shown to raise the blood pressure and contract the intestine and uterus. The rhizome or rootstock is used in the treatment of dropsy. Boiled in wine with honey, the root or rhizome has been used for treating cancer. The plant contains the alkaloid gramine. This is said to be a vasopressor, raising the blood pressure in dogs after small doses, causing a fall in larger doses. The stems have been used as splints for broken limb


None are recorded.


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Other names

Ampelodesmos mauritanicus, Pfahlrohr, Pfeilschilf, Reed, Wasserrohr


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