AuroraBlue® is a complex of Alaskan blueberries used in Kosher and organic products.


AuroraBlue® is said to have the following beneficial properties:

  • richest natural profile of nutrients derived from blueberries of any berry complex on the market
  • 10 times the bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity than other similar products
  • full of nutrients including:
    • anthocyanins
    • proanthocyanidins
    • flavonols
    • stilbenes
    • vitamins C and K
    • Minerals and trace elements
    • pectin and fiber
  • health benefits including:
    • improved brain health
    • improved mood
    • improved cardiovascular health
    • blood sugar maintenance
    • weight management
    • anti-aging
    • stress relief
    • anti-inflammatory




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