Bamboo extract is supportive of the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans which play a key role in moisture retention.



  • Anti-Aging Products
  • Hair Care Conditioners
  • Restructuring Products
  • Anti-Oxidant / Protective Products
  • Hair Care Shampoos / Cleansers / Conditioners


  • Bamboo Extract boasts a combination of beneficial actives:
    • Anti-irritant making it a great choice for sensitive skin products
    • Anti-oxidant making it a great choice for protective products
    • Nutrient rich, making it a great choice for deficient skin and hair
    • A key element in collagen, responsible for the underlying structure of skin and helps to improve the over all appearance.
    • Bamboo Extract is an easy solution to protecting the integrity of the hair and skin.


  • Special Precautions & Warnings:  Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of bamboo during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.
  • Thyroid disorders, such as too little thyroid function (hypothyroidism), an enlarged thyroid gland (goiter), or a thyroid tumor: Prolonged use of bamboo shoot might make these conditions worse.



Other names

Arrow Bamboo, Arundinaria japonica, Bambou, Bambou Flèche, Bambou du Japon, Bambou Métaké, Bambú, Pseudosasa japonica, Sasa japonica, Yadake


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