The homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. (Baryta Carbonate) is prepared using the chemical barium carbonate, which is also known as witherite. English botanist and geologist William Withering was the first to discover witherite way back in 1783.



Baryta carb. is used mainly for children and the elderly. A keynote for the remedy is slow physical, intellectual, or emotional development. Both children and elderly people requiring Baryta carb. may be intellectually challenged.

Children who need this remedy tend to be late walkers and talkers, with large heads. The genitals and other parts of the body may not have grown properly. They may suffer from short stature or Down’s syndrome. Because they are susceptible to infection, they have acute, recurrent tonsillitis.

Elderly people who require this remedy may have senile dementia or may have suffered a stroke with a possible handicap.


Older adults who require Baryta carb. most may possibly be suffering from senile dementia or might have suffered a stroke and possibly have a handicap. Such people usually have an impaired temporary memory and endure depression or even paranoia that is likely to develop consequently.

It is worth mentioning here that children, who have belated physical development, start talking and walking much later than the normal kids may find using the homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. beneficial. Such delays may be attributed to Down’s syndrome or could also be a result of other problems.

In addition, problems like nervousness and phobias may also be eased most effectively by using the homeopathic remedy Baryta carb. In fact, this homeopathic remedy assists the body to get relief from extreme and frequently unreasonable fears that are related to phobias and anxiety. It is possible that these conditions are set off by depressing reminiscences from the past. Alternately, they may also be a result of some kind of sexual abuse.

Homeopathic physicians also recommend the use of Baryta carb. for treating respiratory problems, such as persistent colds, coughs as well as bronchitis. Baryta carb. may also be useful in alleviating the symptoms associated with these conditions.

On many instances, men depend on Baryta carb. to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) or lack of desire for sexual activities. In severe cases, such people may also nod off while they are engaged in sexual intercourse.


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Other names

Baryta, Baryta Carb., Barium Carbonate / Witherite


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