The homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is derived from benzoic acid, a whitish, crystalline organic substance that is a member of the carboxylic acid family.



Benzoic acid has extensive use as a preservative for foodstuff. In addition, benzoic acid also has industrial uses, for instance it is used in manufacturing a variety of dyes, cosmetics, plastics and even insect repellents.


Although the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is used to treat a number of health conditions, it is primarily prescribed for people enduring traveling pains, for instance excruciating pains that travel from the joints of the legs to the internal organs, specifically the heart, and subsequently spread to the joints of other extremities like fingers and toes. In addition, benzoic ac. is effective for treating symptoms, such as joint cracks accompanied by redness and inflammation, which may be associated with severe cases of gout as well as spiky and splitting aches in the joints of the big toe.
In homeopathy, benzoic ac. is especially used to treat symptoms that include abundant, deep brown, very intense smelling urine, bubbly, whitish stools having a disgusting smell and if the patient is unable to hold back natural discharges of urine (incontinence) during night time. In addition, the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is basically used to cure arthritis and gout. When used in such cases, this medication not only helps to cure the health condition, but also provides relief from the excruciating pain associated with these health problems. This homeopathic remedy is also prescribed to people who have kidney stones. People suffering from any of the above mentioned health conditions usually endure similar symptoms – a combination of a cold sensation, spiky and tearing pain as well as passing urine that has a very nasty odour.

Benzoic acid is a white, crystalline organic chemical present in a benzoin gum plant (vegetable resin). In fact, benzoic acid is known to interact with a number of compounds, especially salts. For instance, when blended with sodium salts, benzoic acid produces sodium benzoate – a very significant and extensively used food preservative. In homeopathy, it has been established that people who are susceptible to benzoic acid are likely to suffer from health problems when they consume sodium benzoate in excess amounts. Hence, it is advisable that before you take benzoic ac., you should consult your homeopathic physician to ascertain whether this medication is suitable for you. In addition, such people should also avoid taking foods preserved with sodium benzoate.

Precisely speaking, the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. is prescribed for treating health conditions like arthritis, gout, asthmatic problems, affections of the kidney, aches in Achilles tendon and a number of health problems. Besides these, it is also a very effective remedy for dark brown and potently disgusting smell of urine, cracking pains in the knee, blunt pain in the region of the kidneys, splitting aches in the big toe as well as wandering pains. Symptoms of the people requiring the homeopathic remedy benzoic ac. would improve when they have abundant urination and when they are close to any source of heat. On the other hand, their condition is likely to worsen when they are in the open air and uncovering.


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