Blatta Orientalis is a type of Indian cockroach.



  • Blatta Orientalis treats cough.


  • Generally considered a “small” homeopathic remedy (i.e. a substance with a restricted range of action), Blatta orientalis traditionally is considered a bronchodilator and a homeopathic remedy suitable for overweight and obese individuals.
  • A recent research project studied the anti-asthmatic and anti-anaphylactic activities of Blatta orientalis mother tincture and concluded that it revealed “nonselective anti-asthmatic activity” and, by stabilizing mast cells and suppressing IgE and eosinophil cell count, it appears to have an anti-anaphylactic action.
  • An earlier study looking into intranasal delivery systems for Blatta orientalis mother tincture as part of a nasal gel designed to control in milk aspiration induced eosinophilia and concluded a “decreased eosinophil cell count as compared with toxicant” as well as the absence of any histopathological damage.


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  • We currently have no information for Blatta Orientalis Interactions

Other names

Oriental cockroach















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