Bovista is a type of mushroom. The mushroom cap and spores are used as medicine.



    • Nosebleeds.
    • Skin disorders.
    • Other conditions.


Richard Hughes wrote in A Manual of Pharmacodynamics (1870) “Bovista is said to be indicated, and to have proved curative in head affections characterised by a sensation as if the head were enormously increased in size”. In Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica (1887), E. A. Farrington claims that Bovista spores restrict blood circulation through the capillaries, and suggests uses associated with menstrualirregularity, or trauma. He also mentions that Bovista produces some symptoms of suffocation, and might be useful in remedying asphyxiation resulting from inhalation of charcoal fumes. Even more ailments have been suggested to be improved with use of Bovista, such as “awkwardness in speech and action”, “stuttering or stammering children”, “palpitation after a meal”, diabetes mellitus, ovarian cysts, and “acne due to cosmetics”


  • Bovista seem to be safe when eaten in food amounts. There isn’t enough information to know if Bovista is safe to take by mouth in the larger amounts typically used as medicine. Inhaling Bovista spores can cause side effects including breathing problems, pneumonia-like symptoms, and chest X-ray changes.


  • None are recorded.

Other names

Bejines, Puff Ball, Cuescos, Deer Balls, Espèces du Genre Lycoperdon, Hart’s Truffle, Lycoperdon, Lycoperdon species, Pet-de-Loup, Vesse-de-Loup


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