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When the remedy matches the symptoms, Bromium has the ability to treat the symptoms of allergy, asthma, croup, diphtheria, goitre, laryngospasm, swollen and hardened glands, orchitis, ovarian cysts, tumours.


Although bromine does not have any major role in our body, the human body contains many organobromine compounds. As mentioned earlier, as an element bromine is a very poisonous substance and produces a burning feeling when our skin is exposed to it. Vapours of element bromine are rather corrosive as well as toxic. Therefore, it is advisable that one should take appropriate protective measures while handling or transporting bromine.

Bromine is also used in medicines, especially those that are employed for treating respiratory pathologies and tinnitus. On the other hand, Bromium may be employed in the form of a disinfectant and possesses the ability to treat specific gynecological contagions.

The homeopathic remedy Bromium is helpful in lessening the ringing or whistling sounds produced in the ears – irrespective of the fact whether they are occasional or lasting. Actually, this medication also helps to augment the quality of life of tinnitus patients. It may be noted that tinnitus is a fall-out of too much exposure to noise or ageing. Nonetheless, similar to the entire remedies for this kind of hearing problem, Bromium is not effective in curing the condition completely.

Then again, Bromium is also employed to put off the potential development of tumours in the ear. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also used to treat a condition known as Menière’s disease – a type of ear infection. This medicine is especially effective for people with Menière’s disease which is accompanied with nausea, dizziness and pain prior to a fit.

The homeopathic remedy Bromium is also used to treat asthma. The patient may take this medication immediately when the initial symptoms appear, as this helps in preventing the condition from worsening. Using this remedy in the initial stages of asthma also helps in restricting breathing problems in the chest as well as discomfort in the respiratory tract. Homeopathic physicians also recommend the use of Bromium for treating laryngeal cough.

As Bromium works as a disinfectant, patients suffering from various genealogical infections may also take this medication, particularly when the condition occurs together with fever. In addition, this homeopathic remedy also helps to restrict the chances of developing secondary infections or occurrence of mycosis. Last, but not the least important, Bromium also helps to put off recurring infections of the urinary tract.

Bromine is also employed to treat croup especially when children suffer from deep, croaky voice that brings about coughing. Usually, a whistling sound comes from the larynx and the patient also gives up some phlegm while coughing. When the patient has heavy phlegm it signifies choking and augmented failure to breathe properly. In such cases the child may also seem to be lethargic and would desire to be taken from one room to another rather than making an effort to walk.

As a homeopathic remedy, Bromium mainly aids in the treatment of respiratory problems. This medication is especially helpful in treating chronic cold accompanied with corrosive tenderness or pain in the nose. People who require this homeopathic remedy experience pressure at the base of their nose accompanied with blockage of the right nostril. They also suffer from sneezing due to inhaling dust. In addition, Bromium is effective for treating dry cough occurring together with croakiness and a blazing pain at the back of the sternum. They experience spasmodic cough together with clattering mucus. Such patients also have a cold feeling when they breathe. Bromium is especially effective for treating respiratory problems in sailors.

Another use of Bromium is in diphtheria treatment, especially when there is diptheric membrane formation in the bronchi, larynx or trachea and it spreads upwards. The patient also suffers from chest pain that extends upwards. There is diptheric and membranous croup accompanied with great mucus rattling while they cough. However, the patients do not experience suffocation.

This homeopathic remedy is also used to treat glandular affections, wherein the glands, particularly those that become stony hard or have tuberculous swelling on the throat and lower jaw. Bromium is also helpful for treating swollen testicles accompanied with pain and those that worsen when there is even slight jarring. It is also an effective remedy for breast tumours that are accompanied with stitching pain and worsen when pressure is applied to them or when they occur on the left side. It is given to breast tumour patients whose pain spreads from the affected breasts to the arm pits (axillae).

Bromium is also a wonderful homeopathic remedy for coughs, tender throats and bronchitis. This remedy is potenized from bromine and is also used to treat problems related to the lungs. It also provides relief from sore throat; croup, asthma and emphysema. People suffering from coughs that are croupy type, spasmodic, dry coughs, wheezing cough when they breathe, tickling inside the throat, chest tightness accompanied with asthma and barking cough will also benefit from taking the homeopathic remedy Bromium.

Homeopathic physicians also recommend Bromium for people suffering from glandular swelling, particularly mumps on the left side. It is also effective for treating inflamed throat accompanied with corroded places and redness similar to net as well as scraping inside the throat. Bromium is also given to people who suffer from pharynx mucous membrane swellings.


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