Brown rice syrup is a sweetener derived from brown rice.



  • Rice Syrupstypically have a faintly sweet flavor and are commonly used as organic sugar replacements in sweets and desserts.


  • Organic rice syrups are pleasingly sweet, without increasing blood sugar levels. This outstanding value is attributed to the Rice Syrup Solids, primarily rice, which is made up of complex carbohydrates remaining stored in muscles long after consumption.
  • In this way, the nutrients taken from Rice Syrup Solids keep people energetic for long, unlike other sources of carbohydrates that burn fast and elevate glucose level in blood. Be they organic Clear Rice Syrup Solids or Brown Rice Syrup Solids, these better-quality rich and subtle sweetening agents accounts for the goodness of Rice Syrups


  • Brown rice is safe for most people when consumed in amounts commonly found in foods.But, there isn’t enough information to know whether brown rice in medicinal amounts is safe.


  • Unknown, please consult with your doctor.

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