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Butcher’s broom root is used to make medicine treating conditions including hemorrhoids, gallstones, atherosclerosis, symptoms of poor blood circulation, swelling, and bone fractures.


Butcher’s broom is said to cause blood vessels to constrict and narrow. This may improve blood circulation in the legs by preventing blood from pooling in the veins.


Do not take Butcher’s broom for more than 3 months.

Butcher’s broom may cause an upset stomach and nausea.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid use of Butcher’s broom.


Be careful combining butcher’s broom with high blood pressure medication and/or stimulant medications.

Other Names

Balai du Boucher, Box Holly, Fragon, Fragon Épineux, Fragon Faux Houx, Fragon Piquant, Houx Frelon, Jew’s Myrtle, Kneeholm, Knee Holly, Petit Houx, Pettigree, Sweet Broom, Rusci Aculeati, Rusci Aculeati Rhizoma, Rusco, Ruscus aculeatus



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