Butyric acid, also known under the systematic name butanoic acid, abbreviated BTA, is a carboxylic acid with the structural formula CH3CH2CH2-COOH. Salts and esters of butyric acid are known as butyrates or butanoates. Butyric acid is found in milk, especially goat, sheep and buffalo milk, butter, parmesan cheese, and as a product of anaerobic fermentation (including in the colon and as body odor). It has an unpleasant smell and acrid taste.



Used in pharmacy for pain relief.


Uses ​for fast relief of symptoms of athlete’s foot:

  • itching
  • burning
  • dryness
  • sensitivity
  • irritated
  • chapped
  • cracked
  • scaling skin
  • sweaty or offensive foot odor
  • deformed, brittle nails or hangnails


No side effects are recorded.


Please read the medicine’s instructions and consult your doctor!

Other names

Butyric acid, BTA, butanoic acid


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