Calc flour, also known as calcarea fluorica is a homeopathic remedy



The mineral has many uses, both as a homeopathic remedy and in other industries, such as metal work and pest control.


There are many medicinal uses for calcarea fluorica. It is used to make tissue more flexible and to stop abnormal bone growths. In addition, it is believed to help replenish the enamel on teeth and prevent teeth from becoming brittle. Some people use it to relieve back pain or to reduce swelling in inflamed glands. Many people also believe it will help revive sagging skin as well.

Homeopathic experts claim that calcarea fluorica has the most beneficial results if it is given in higher potencies. The higher potencies may be particularly useful for treating bone deformities. It is most commonly used by dissolving approximately twenty grains of the mineral in water and applying it to the affected area with a cotton ball.


Although a homeopathic remedy, such as calcarea fluorica, may do wonders to help with many people’s ailments, most should be diagnosed by a medical professional. After diagnosis, talking with a medical professional about alternative remedies is suggested. Although side effects are possible, they are rare with this drug, if taken in the recommended doses.


None are recorded.

Other names

calcium fluoride, fluoride of lime, calcii fluoridum or fluorspa


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