The homeopathic medicine cantharis is obtained from a vividly green colour beetle called Lytta vesicatoria, which is commonly known as the Spanish fly or the blister beetle. T



  • Acute cystitis: As mentioned earlier, the homeopathic medicine cantharis is a wonderful remedy for the condition wherein people have a constant as well as urgent urge for passing urine – so intense as if like a violent spasm in the lower abdominal region to release urine from the bladder. Despite the intense urge, the patients are unable to urinate much, but pass only a few drops and that too sluggishly. In addition, the urine may also be hot and contain blood. Such patients usually experience immense pain as well as a burning sensation while passing urine. While these individuals may have a feeling that their bladder has been drained out, the constant urge to urinate does not go away. Such a situation is not only frustrating, but also very painful.
  • Excessive libido: People who have an intense urge for sexual intercourse and feel that they need to do it immediately are the ones who require the homeopathic medicine cantharis. It is the most suitable remedy to cure sexual arousal that is uncontrollable. Individuals suffering from this problem almost always find their genitals inflamed and stimulated for sexual activity. Such people usual have sexual fantasies and this is likely to disrupt their sleep. Although sexual activity is pleasurable, such a condition is not only frustrating, but also humiliating at times.
  • Burns and scalds: Cantharis, the homeopathic medicine based on the toxic beetle known as Spanish fly, is very effective in healing burns, scalding and even sunburns that one may endure. If a person’s skin is susceptible to formation of blisters, the use of the homeopathic medicine cantharis is perhaps one of the best remedies for it. Administering cantharis naturally helps the body to heal the burn itself as well as alleviate the symptoms associated with it.
  • Insect bites and stings: Cantharis works effectively to provide relief in the instances of piercing pains caused by insect bites or stings. In such cases, this homeopathic medicine needs to be applied externally on the affected area. When an individual is bitten by any insect or experiences a sting, he/ she is likely to demonstrate certain emotions, for example anger. These are also eased by using cantharis.
  • Gastritis, diarrhea and dysentery: The homeopathic medicine cantharis is beneficial for people suffering from gastritis, diarrhea as well as dysentery. Several people rely on cantharis when they experience a scorching pain, a bloated abdomen and also diarrhea – all the conditions are usually accompanied by a scalding (a feeling of being burnt) feeling. Such individuals may even experience a lack of appetite or even avoid food strongly. In addition, such conditions are likely to be associated with irritability or tetchiness.


People using cantharis may also use other homeopathic medicines, such as belladona, mercurius, phosphorus, sulphur and sepia, to balance the actions of the remedy prepared from Spanish fly. It may be noted that homeopathic medicines, such as aconite, apis, camphora, kali nit. and pulsatilla work as antidotes. However, the homeopathic medicines coffea and cantharis do not go along well and should not be used concurrently for it may cause adverse after effects.

People who are likely to be benefitted most by using the homeopathic medicine cantharis are usually inclined to possess extremely high sexual urge or libido, which may occasionally be difficult to restrain. Generally, such people are also restive and have trouble in dealing with it when they are ill. The tetchiness of such people may at times exaggerate to a fit of rage. These people also suffer from several common psychological problems which occur owing to such mood swings. They may be suffering some kind of mania or immense uncertainty.

It may be mentioned that homeopathic medicines are usually selected on the basis of certain set of symptoms and characteristics shown by individual patients. Generally, the homeopathic remedy cantharis is prescribed to treat health conditions distinguished by burning pain and an intense thirst. However, such patients may not have any urge to drink! In fact, the conditions for which homeopaths recommend the use of cantharis are usually those which deteriorate very fast.

The homeopathic medicine cantharis, which is prepared from Spanish fly, is basically prescribed by homeopaths to treat cystitis – an inflammation of the urinary bladder caused by any contagion or irritation. In addition, this medicine is also effective in treating burn injuries as well as blisters. Not long before, homeopaths recommended the use of cantharis to eliminate warts, cure baldness, and enhance loss of fluids (which makes the homeopathic medicine work as a diuretic) as well as treating rheumatic conditions, such as inflammation or tenderness and degeneration of the joints.

In homeopathy, physicians not only heal any specific condition or symptoms related to it, but the entire being of an individual – his/ her physical as well as mental problems are also taken care of. People who may require the homeopathic medicine cantharis may often be perplexed and have strange ideas. In addition, such individuals also have a tendency to turn maniacs and display raging anger or extreme sexual passion and may suddenly become unconscious. People who need cantharis are also likely to be restive and highly emotional or passionate. Such patients may feel very thirsty, but actually do not have any urge to drink and also have problems in swallowing anything. Moreover, cantharis patients may also suffer from lack of appetite and have a strong dislike for food. This homeopathic medicine is also used to treat several mental or emotional disorders, such as severe anxiety or nervousness, extreme desire for sex (being nymphomaniac), screaming, insolence (being arrogant or haughty) and querulousness (always complaining about something or the other).

The main symptoms endured by cantharis patients include a powerful urge to pass urine and burning pain while urinating. In fact, this homeopathic medicine is indicated for patients who endure fast and strong tenderness and swelling of the urinary system. They also experience acute pain in the lower abdomen and the lower back. The acute burning pain that is related to the urinary tract often makes these patients afraid to pass urine. Although they feel like passing urine immediately as well as recurrently, when they try to urinate, only few drops of urine flows out from the bladder. What is worse is that many cantharis patients may also find blood in their urine. In addition, cantharis patients are likely to suffer from hydrophobia or the fear of water. Their condition is often so acute that although they may feel very thirsty, they are unable to drink water or even endure the sight of or hear anything regarding water. Such patients may also experience acute and stabbing headache and they would prefer to avoid bright light or any shinning object.

Homeopaths also use cantharis to cure burns or skin disorders that have some resemblance to burns. This medicine is also effective for blisters, sunburn, skin eruptions as well as insect bites. Cantharis is also indicated for people suffering from symptoms, such as formation of blisters and searing pain. In such conditions, the patients get relief when a cold compression is applied on the affected area. Cantharis has the aptitude to provide relief from pains related to even second or third degree burns cases. In addition, this homeopathic medicine is also beneficial for treating blisters that are burning and itching. Patients suffering from such symptoms feel better when a cold compress is applied on the affected area.

Moreover, cantharis patients feel much better during the night and in the morning. In addition, some warmth, a tender massage and lying straight on their back make them feel better. Apart from these, burping as well as passing gas formed in the intestines also provides them relief. On the contrary, they feel terrible during the afternoon, while they are making any movement and when they drink cold water or coffee.


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