• Carbo Veg is from vegetable charcoal, well known for its ability to absorb toxins in the body.


  • Carbo veg is great for excess gas in your stomach, indigestion, bloating, belching.
  • Calm your digestive system from overeating, eating wrong foods, poorly or slow digestion, eating bad combinations of food.
  • Carbo veg is indicated for conditions from toxicity such as fatigue, constipation and diarrhea,
  • feeling under the weather with colds. Tinnitus with dizziness. Rattling cough.

Keynote Summary:

  • intestinal distention, sour burping, gas.
  • Weak digestion.
  • Sudden toxicity
  • Emotional negative, irritable or indifferent.
  • “Never well since….”, effects of past illness.
  • General weakness, sudden collapse with cold limbs, and skin , clammy, blue.
  • Better From: after passing gas, belching, with fresh cool air, and craves fresh cool air milk.
  • Worse From: eating fatty foods, evenings, night lying down eating rich foods, poor food combinations, too much food, wine, coffee.
  • Useful for:
  • Key Symptoms:
  • CHRONIC CONDITIONS: “Never well since….” of past illness, Bad effects from excess loss of fluids ,weakness
  • COLLAPSE: Chilly with air hunger, Bluish skin with cold, clammy sweat and cold breath, Limbs cold
  • DIGESTION: Weak Digestion. Even simplest foods disagree & turn to gas, Much sour belching, Regurgitation of food, Heartburn, Abdominal distention with cramping pains, worse lying down
  • COUGH: Spasmodic, rattling cough, Itching in throat, Gagging, choking and vomiting of mucus, Painless hoarseness, worse evenings, Loss of voice
  • EAR: Tinnitus with dizziness


  • This is a homeopathic remedy. Please consult your doctor before administering homeopathic remedies and proceed with caution.


Source: https://elixirs.com/carbo.cfm

See Homeopathy for more information.

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