Most people are familiar with the carrot as the orange taproot eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable. Carrot powder, however, consists of the root, leaf and seed. While the powder retains some carrot-like flavor qualities, the leaf and seed temper the taste.



  • One tablespoon twice daily. One tablespoon of powder provides the nutrition of one medium size carrot.


  • Supporting healthy eyesight
    • Revitalizing & purifying the blood
    • Helps maintain acid-alkaline balance within the body
    • High in phytonutrients
    • Supporting healthy cholesterol levels
    • Diuretic properties
    • Beneficial for the liver
    • Antidiarrheal & antianemic properties
    • Helps to cleanse the intestines
    • Excellent source of vitamins B and C


  • There is no known negative safety information available for this herb.*Excessive consumption of any carotene-rich foods may lead to a condition called carotoderma: the palms or other skin develop a yellow or orange cast. This is presumed to be related to carotenemia, excessive levels of carotene in the blood. The body slowly converts carotene to vitamin A, and the extra carotene is temporarily stored, usually in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and behind the ears. If the cause of the carotenemia is eating excessively high amounts of foods like carrots, the condition will usually disappear after reducing consumption.


  • Please consult your nutritionist

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