Celery is a plant. The fruit and seeds are dried or pressed into oil for use as medicine. Sometimes celery oil is marketed in capsule form. Some people also take celery juice as medicine. The ancient Greeks used celery to make wine, which was served as an award at athletic games.



  • The seeds of celery appears to have been used for medicinal purposes (Egypt and China) to treat; bronchitis, asthma, liver and spleen diseases and with hepatoprotective activity against many hepatotoxins. It has also been reported to be diluted in beverages and drunk with wine to cool a hot temper


  • Research on the blood pressure–lowering effect of celery and celery seed extracts is quite preliminary, but I think it is certainly worth giving them a try, as some people have noted significant reductions in their blood pressure. What research will probably show is that some people with high blood pressure will respond to celery seed extract while others will not. This occurrence is not unusual—physicians will tell you there is a similar phenomenon with conventional drugs used in high blood pressure.
  • Another real advantage of celery seed extract over conventional drugs used in high blood pressure is that the drugs lower blood flow to the brain. While this effect is helpful in reducing the likelihood of stroke, it often makes people feel tired, depressed, dizzy and forgetful. Celery seed extract, on the other hand, has been shown in animal studies to not only help prevent stroke, but also to improve blood flow and protect the brain and enhance brain energy production in a manner similar to Ginkgo biloba extract. Celery seed extract has also produced dramatic recovery in neurological and brain function in animals in studies that simulate a stroke. In addition, it has been shown to significantly increase life spans in animals.



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