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Centaury, also, known as Centaurium erythraea.



  • Centaury is an herb used as medicine to treat loss of appetite and upset stomach. It is also used as flavoring in beverages.


  • The chemicals in centaury are said to improve the appetite.


  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid large medicinal amounts of centaury.

Other Names

Bitter Herb, Centaura Menor, Centaurea Menor, Centaurium erythraea, Centaurium minus, Centaurium umbellatum, Common Centaury, Drug Centaurium, Erythraea centaurium, Érythrée, Lesser Centauru, Minor Centaury, Petite-Centaurée, Petite Centaurée Commune, Petite Centaurée en Ombelle, Petite Centaurée Rouge.



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