Sometimes prescribed for anemia, it has been found to be curative in certain cases of pernicious anemia. Other uses include treatment of headache and migraine.


Chimaphila umbellate helps with:

  1. Debility and other complaints after excessive loss of fluids; blood-letting, leucorrhoeas, etc.
  2. Haemorrhages profuse with fainting, loss of sight and ringing in the ears.
  3. Great flatulence, with sensation as if abdomen were packed full, not ameliorated by passing flatus up or down.
  4. Painless diarrhoea; stools yellow, watery, brownish, undigested.
  5. Periodical affections; especially every other day.
  6. Excessive sensitiveness, especially to light touch; draft of air; pain; special senses too acute.
  7. Modalities: worse from light touch, least draft of air; every other day; much better by hard pressure.


No side effects are observed, still please consult a specialist.


None are recorded! Please consult your doctor!

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