The homeopathic remedy Cina is prepared from an herb called wormseed. As the rumor has it, this herb derived its name from Artemisia, a 4th century BCE Persian queen who is famous for her skills in botany. Several medicinal traditions, including the ancient Roman and the Chinese, have highly valued the family of plants to which wormseed belongs.



Cina is one of the safest and most reliable vermifuges, used especially on children. Because of its bitter flavour, it is usually mixed with liquorice or some other pleasantly flavoured herb. The unexpanded floral heads and the seed contain the vermicide “santonin”. This is an effective and rapid treatment for round worms, it is also effective for thread worms, though it does not affect tapeworms. The plant is also used as a febrifuge and as an aid to the digestion.


Intestinal Worms:

It’s not surprising to see cina show up as a homeopathic remedy for intestinal worms. In this case the worms may be evident in the stools showing a white color.

There may be a terrible pinching pain in the belly and it may even become bloated as a result of the worms. The nose and the rectum alike will often feel itchy as there is no appetite in those who suffer from this condition.

Temper Tantrums:

Children who exhibit irritability often tend to have terrible temper tantrums as well. The tantrum may happen after they are told no or simply as a part of their erratic and challenging behavior.

Coughs and Colds:

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy for those who suffer from a severe whooping cough. It may even feel as though the cough is gagging the person at times as the chest often feels constricted. The body may become stiff and there may be violent sneezing associated with these coughing fits.

Sleep Problems:

Many people turn to cina if they have difficulty falling asleep or if they suffer from restless sleep overall.

Twitching Muscles:

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy if the muscles tend to jerk or go through spasms. It is particularly helpful if the jerking or convulsions is brought on by touch or from being scolded.


Caution is advised in the use of this plant since it is poisonous in large doses. This plant should not be used by pregnant women. The dried flowers are used to make a homeopathic remedy. This is particularly useful for complaints of the nervous system and the digestive tract. A homeopathic remedy made from the plant is used to rid children of worms.


None are recorded! Please consult your doctor!

Other names

European Wormseed / Levant Wormseed / Tartarian Southernwood


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