Cistus canadensis is a plant that is used in homeopathy as a medicine.



  • People take Cistus canadensis¬†for digestion problems.
  • Cistus canadensis¬†is sometimes applied directly to the skin for ulcers.


The plant is used in infusions and stronger decoctions to treat a number of illnesses. An infusion of it is used for diarrhoea and dysentery and an infusion of the leaves is used for kidney problems and a gargle for sore throats. This is the tisane. The stronger decoction of the leaves was used for scrofula and was also used as an eyewash for infections and for skin problems externally. A poultice of the leaves was also applied in cases of skin problems. It was thought to be very efficacious as a wash for scrofulous sores and ulcers on the skin.

The plant produces an oil which was said to be a good treatment for cancer. Traditionally the plant was used for secondary syphilis and a number of other ailments. There is no or little scientific evidence as yet to support the traditional uses of Cistus canadensis.


  • There isn’t enough information to know if Cistus canadensis¬†is safe or what the possible side effects might be.


  • None are recorded.

Other names

Ciste du Canada, Frostwort, Frost Plant, Frostweed, Hélianthème du Canada, Helianthemum, Helianthemum canadense, Rock-Rose, Sun Rose


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