Cocculus /ˈkɒkjuːləs/ is a genus of 11 species of woody vines and shrubs, native to warm temperate to tropical regions of North America, Asia and Africa. The common name Moonseed is also used for the closely related genus Menispermum. The related Indian Berry (Anamirta cocculus) is known as “Cocculus Indicus” in pharmacology.



Used to enhance your appetite, it also acts as grief and guilt reliever.


Cocculus indicus is used to prepare a homeopathic remedy, which is an aid for people traveling by train, automobile, boats and plane, especially when it is not possible to stand up for prolonged periods and the trip gives rise to a feeling of weakness. In addition, this homeopathic remedy has also proven to be very effective for people who have been exhausted by tension and strain. Cocculus indicus is ideal for treating a variety of conditions, including vertigo, motion sickness, jet lag, insomnia or sleeplessness, lack of appetite and also a horrible pain in the region of the lumbar (lower back). You may also use this homeopathic remedy prepared from a climbing shrub native to India to cure debility, sensitivity to noise as well as numbness. Some people are often sad and find it difficult to concentrate on anything. These symptoms usually deteriorate further when they are talking, moving, thinking about food and smoking. Cocculus indicus is the ideal homeopathic remedy for alleviating these conditions.

Cocculus indicus is also an effective homeopathic remedy for headaches owing to mental stimulation, nervousness, lack of adequate or quality sleep, irritation or grief. This type of headache begins at the back of the neck and head and gradually spreads to the spine. People suffering from this type of headache experience a nasty pain and it seems that a cord has been firmly tied around their head. They also feel as if their head is empty. The pain deteriorates further when the individual is lying down or when he/ she is riding.

The homeopathic remedy Cocculus indicus is also an effective remedy for several conditions endured by women, including leucorrhea (white mucous discharges from the vagina) and dysmenorrhea (pain during menstruation). Some women experience an intermittent colic pain in the region of their uterine that leads to hemorrhoids during their menstrual period. In addition, such women also feel so feeble that they are even afraid to stand up.

This homeopathic remedy is also useful for treating mental symptoms attributed to nervousness or grief. People who require this remedy feel as if the time is passing very quickly and they are unable to tolerate contradictions. They also understand or realize things very slowly and usually do not have the precise word to articulate their thoughts. They suffer from a poor memory and often forget what they have just read


No side effects.


None are recorded. Please seek your doctor’s opinion.

Other names

 Cocculus Indicus, Indian Cockle, Anamirta paniculata


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