Conium (/kˈn.əm/ or /ˈkniəm/) is a genus of flowering plants in the carrot family Apiaceae which consists of four species accepted by The Plant List.



This homeopathic medicine is also administered to people enduring symptoms, such as dizziness that deteriorates when the individual is lying down or turning his/ her head. It is also recommended for women who endure tender breasts prior to as well as during their menstrual cycles and also when they are pregnant. Conium is prescribed for men suffering from enlarged prostate as well as those who have premature ejaculation.



It may be noted that in homeopathy, conium is the main therapy for vertigo. This condition worsens when the individual turns his/ her head from on side to another, is looking around or turning in the bed while lying down. Vertigo is very common among elderly people and those suffering from this condition have a sensation as if their bed is floating. On many occasions, vertigo deteriorates when the individual is inebriated. People who experience vertigo soon after getting up from their bed, particularly in the early morning, may suddenly fall on the ground. In addition, conium is also beneficial to treat incapacity and weakness among old people. People suffering from vertigo usually do not have the tendency to take up any business or study. In fact, such type of people virtually does not take interest in anything. In addition, they suffer from poor memory and are not in a position to carry on with any mental effort. When they are excited for any reason, people suffering from vertigo actually become susceptible to depression. They may also start perspiring all through the day, even at night, the moment they sleep or even when they keep their eyes closed. The homeopathic remedy conium is effective in treating all the conditions as well as provides relief from the bothersome symptoms of the condition.

Headache: The homeopathic remedy prepared from the hemlock plant, conium is also effective in easing headaches that may be a result of a blow or falling down; too much sexual activities; stimulation or over exertion of oneself as well as held back menses. People suffering from such type of headache often have a feeling that there are plenty of alien substances in the head and this is accompanied by a numbness or lack of sensation of the brain. Often this type of headache causes a tearing pain compelling the sufferers to lie down. Administration of conium is useful in alleviating these symptoms as well as providing relief from the pain.

Eye troubles: In addition to treating the above conditions and related symptoms, conium is also prescribed by homeopaths to ease troubles in the eye that may be a result of any injury or blow; or caused by any artificial light. Although people enduring such type of eye trouble do not have any inflammation in the eye, they have a strong dislike for light. In other words, such people suffer from acute photophobia (fear of being exposed to light), which is accompanies by weakness as well as sensation of some kind of reflection in the eye. They may usually suffer from dizziness as well as weakness too. The pain in the eye deteriorates during the night and also when they are exposed to slightest amount of light. However, people suffering from such eye trouble feel better when they are in any dark room and when there is pressure on them. Using the homeopathic medicine conium helps to alleviate all these symptoms and provide relief to the sufferers.

Menstrual problems:

The homeopathic remedy conium is effective in curing a number of health problems suffered by women. This medicine is particularly useful for aged women who are in their climacteric age. In other words, this homeopathic remedy is beneficial for women who are experiencing certain changes in their body, especially during menopause. Women also experience red pimples emerging all over their body and this symptom is eased when the menstrual flow is regularized. Very often such women also endure tender breasts, which become very firm and painful during their menstrual periods. They may also suffer from leucorrhoea (a whitish or yellowish mucous discharge from the vagina usually indicating an infection) 10 days after their menstrual period is over. All such conditions and well as related symptoms are effectively healed by administering the homeopathic remedy conium.

Urinary problems: People suffering from urinary problems wherein they experience pain and difficulty in passing urine may benefit immensely by turning to the homeopathic remedy conium. Some people may even experience urinary troubles where the flow of urine is intermittent – the urine passes for sometime, stops and then starts flowing again. The urine flow may stop owing to tension caused by an enlarged prostate. While all these symptoms are effectively treated by administering conium, this homeopathic remedy is also prescribed to curing all types of glandular affections. In such instances, the glands become hard like rock as well as distended especially the mammary glands and the testicles. In addition, conium is also effective for treating malignant glandular affections.

Sexual problems: The homeopathic medicine conium is also effective in treating various sexual disorders. Several men use this homeopathic remedy when they suffer from an acute type of sexual excitement wherein they may suffer from impotency and/ or premature ejaculation. In the instance of women, such extreme sexual excitement may be demonstrated by too much discharge from the vagina or even abnormal or irregular menstrual cycles. When such individuals suffer from held back sexual activities, they tend to suffer from nervous anxiety. All such sexual problems may be cured by using the homeopathic remedy conium, prepared from the hemlock plant.

Enlarged prostate:

Men suffering from enlarged prostate are also benefitted by using the homeopathic medicine conium. Such men may experience hard and heavy prostate and suffer from a palpable interruption of urine flow. In addition to the sensation of having a heavy prostate, such men may have discharges from the penis or even suffer from impotency. In homeopathy, conium is the appropriate remedy for these symptoms.

Cysts, tumors and cancer: 

People suffering from these conditions actually experience hard lumps emerging all over their body, for instance, testicles, prostate, ovaries, breasts and/ or uterus. The homeopathic remedy conium is appropriated for curing such conditions. In addition, this homeopathic medicine is effective in providing relief from associated symptoms, such as pain and itchiness too.

Swollen breasts:

Occasionally, some women may suffer from a condition wherein their breasts become enlarged as well as hard. In such instances, they endure pain when the breasts are touched. As a homeopathic remedy, conium works effectively to alleviate this condition as well as the bothersome feelings that are associated with it. It has been observed that this condition is quite common when women have their menstrual cycles.

Nervous disorders:

People who suffer from nervous disorders often feel cold and weak in their legs. In addition, they may also feel giddy and be sensitive to light. At the same time, such people may experience weakness all over their body. Turning to the homeopathic remedy conium helps to cure these symptoms effectively.


All parts of hemlock, including seeds, flowers, and fruits, are UNSAFE. Hemlock is so poisonous it can cause death. If someone takes hemlock, he or she should get immediate medical attention. Side effects and toxicities include increased saliva, burning of the digestive tract, drowsiness, muscle pain, rapid swelling and stiffening of muscles, kidney damage, rapid breakdown of muscle tissue and release of muscle tissue byproducts into the blood, rapid heart rate followed by a decreased heart rate, loss of speech, paralysis, unconsciousness, heart, lung, and kidney failure, and death.


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