Copper gluconate is the copper salt of D-gluconic acid. It is an odorless light blue or blue-green crystal or powder which is easily soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol.



    • Dietary supplement — metabolizable copper to treat copper deficiency.
    • Used to treat acne vulgaris, common cold, hypertension, premature labor, Leishmaniasis, visceral postoperative complications.
    • Ingredient of Retsyn


  • There are several reasons why copper is an essential element. First, it is involved in the production of melanin, which creates pigmentation in the eyes, hair and skin. Copper also assists in the utilization of iron. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities as well, and it is believed to boost the immune system. A copper deficiency can lead to anemia and osteoporosis.


  • Toxic in large amounts. Side effects from too much copper gluconate may include breathing problems, chest pain, stomach upset, and rash or hives.


  • Please consult your nutritionist

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