Corn syrup, corn syrup solids, and high fructose corn syrup (as well as crystalline fructose) are all made from corn, and bottom line, all are sugar.



To make corn syrup solids, food manufacturers dehydrate the syrup until it’s only 10 percent water. They use the dried product in powdered coffee creamers, drink mixes and baby formula. Start with corn syrup again, but this time leave it in liquid form and add fructose — another naturally-occurring sugar — and you have high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS. Food manufacturers use it to sweeten processed foods and beverages, from soda and cookies to ketchup.


  • Corn syrup solids contain dextrose sugar. Dextrose sugar is 3/4 as sweet as sucrose (cane or beet) sugar.
  • Another name for corn syrup solids is corn syrup powder. This is interesting, I thought it was a liquid, but it’s not!
  • Corn syrup solids are manufactured from corn syrup liquid through a process that removes 97% of the water from the liquid.


With the present increase in obesity and weight related health concerns including diabetes, doctors, health experts, nutritionists, and health conscious individuals are attempting to do everything they can to combat the current state of society’s overall health. That being said, one specific item that has come under attack is corn syrup – a sweet syrup made by pressing the syrup out of corn kernels. In essence, the molecular composition of corn syrup is much like that of regular table sugar; however, as corn is a readily available crop, corn syrup is typically a more cost effective option for manufacturers and is often used as a sweetener in sodas, fruit-flavored drinks, and other processed foods and treats.


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